The Impact of Politics on Campus: How To Help Students Deal With Issues


The impact of politics on students, most especially college students has burning effect in the world today, as many of them can now be found getting involved in politics. While it is somehow helpful for students to take part and get involved to raise awareness and gain knowledge, it is important that these students also learn how to act wisely and responsibly.

In The Atlantic, students have expressed how stressful it felt to care too much about politics. Some students also find the situation uncomfortable especially for those who are coming from politically divided campus.

For the college students who engage in politics on their respective campus, here are some helpful tips to help you deal with both the stress and challenges, according to America.

Pick your battles

Even when there are rallies and protests, it does not mean that you have to be there and show participation and support. You also do not have to reply or comment to every single social media post. Otherwise, the stress level will become a bit uncontrollable and you will feel eventually burned out.

Take better care of yourself

If you have existing medical and mental health conditions, it might only get worse if you allow political stress get the better of you. Make sure that you practice good self-care, take a break if you must and give yourself some rest that it deserves.

Be compassionate

It is not always easy to understand why other people believe and think the way they do, but it won't hurt to put yourself in their shoes too. Just because you do not share the same beliefs and principles does not mean that you should be harsh to them. Still treat everyone with compassion.

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