‘Pokemon Go’ Latest News & Update: Singaporean Player Catches Elusive ‘Lapras’, Dies Of Heart Attack After


There is no telling how hardcore people are when it comes to “Pokemon Go” though most are in too deep. In the case of Singaporean Lianhe Wanbao, 67, snagging “Lapras” was something he finally achieved. Unfortunately, the accomplishment was too much for him to handle, resulting in a heart attack that eventually took his life.

According to his wife, the excitement of catching the “Pokemon Go” rare caused Lianhe to get a heart attack on the spot, Asia One reported. He was brought to the Singapore General Hospital but passed away shortly upon arrival. Wanbao was suffering from heart disease and cardiac issues for quite some time now. Petty as it may sound, it just goes to show how some players take the game seriously.

Before he passed away, Wanbao was at level 28 and had over 200 creatures on his “Pokemon Go” account. Seeing how hard it is to level up in the augmented reality game, it shows how dedicated he was despite the rocky run of “Pokemon Go”, BGR reported.

While it was mentioned that there were 200 kinds of pocket monsters, it was not mentioned if the collection includes the 80 new critters brought forth by the “Pokemon Go” Gen 2 update. New critters from the Pokemon Gold and Pokemon Silver were added recently, keeping players at bay as they prowl for the elusive monsters.

“Lapras” was one of the hardest to find but there are still a lot to look forward to. As mentioned in a previous post, most “Pokemon Go” players want to know when the likes of “Mew”, “MewTwo” and Articuno would come out. Niantic CEO John Hanke did say that there were plans in the offing though there is no definitive date on when these elusive rares will come out. More updates are ahead, something that Lianhe Wanbao will, unfortunately, miss out after the sad turn of events.


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