Top 10 Tips On How Students Can Determine Their Final College Choice


Choosing a college may seem daunting in the sense that it would somehow seal your fate for the next few years. However, this process does not need to be scary as long as students do their research well.

U.S. News shared 10 tips that students can use to determine their final college choice. This process just needs proper research for students to know where they want to pursue their higher education.

Roam around the campus by yourself

Stepping away from the campus tour guides and from admissions counselors can give students a better glimpse of what life's like on campus.

Ask alumni from your high school alma mater

Look for graduates from your high school who went to a particular college or university that you are planning to go to and ask them about their experiences.

Think about how much it will cost you

Be mindful of the costs that you will need to pay if you apply at a certain college or university.

Check the school's extracurricular activities

Students can get a better feel of the campus community's bond with extracurricular activities such as its sports following.

Your major matters

Find out if the school is able to support your academic interests. Those who are undecided on their majors should make sure that a school has a strong general education curriculum and a wide list of academic programs.

School accreditation is important

Make sure that your prospective college or university is accredited by the government. This will make or break your chances of landing a job or for pursuing a master's or doctorate degree.

Trust your gut

Choose the school that feels right for you.

Know your wants and needs

Figure out what things you want to achieve and what experiences you want to gain from an institution.

Just have fun

Again, the process of choosing a college or university should not be scary. Instead, just have fun with it.

You can always transfer

Relax. Keep in mind that you can always transfer if your initial choice does not work for you.

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