Undecided Majors Should Look For These 3 Things When Choosing A College


There is a lot of pressure for American high school graduates to go to college. However, not being able to decide on a major immediately should not be a big problem to your academic goals.

Liz Fujita, a coordinator in the Center for Pre-College Outreach at Michigan Technological University, said that a lot of high school students are overwhelmed with the wide array of options to choose from when choosing a major. According to U.S. News, Fujita was also undecided on what major to take up at first, too. She completed a dual degree in mathematical and social sciences.

The publication listed down three factors that students should consider when selecting a college. The institution should be able to provide undecided majors with a strong general education curriculum, several academic programs to choose from and a good faculty.

1. A strong general education curriculum can give students the freedom to explore and find out what their interests are. Check if a college's curriculum allows students to explore different academic areas and intellectual opportunities.

2. A wide list of academic programs can actually help students discover what they are truly passionate about. However, find a school that allows you to change or add majors and minors. Wes Waggoner, associate vice president for enrollment management at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, noted that it may be harder to move around a bigger school.

3. A willing faculty that can help students. Faculty members can offer valuable advice, mentorship as well as ideas and inspiration that can help students find their true calling. Prospective students should check whether the faculty at the school they're eyeing is willing to talk to students when they come to visit the campus, or even through the phone or via email. Factors such as a school's faculty-student ratio, average class size and whether freshmen classes are taught by tenured faculty or graduate students are also important to know when choosing a college or university.

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