Microsoft Azure Announces New Cloud Capabilities, To Focus More On Public And Government Customers


Microsoft Azure is getting another big update for this week, adding new tools such as PowerBI and HDInsight. Microsoft has also announced new features to help public sectors get set up on Azure Cloud platform. The company made the huge announcement this week.

Microsoft Announces New Cloud Capabilities

According to GeekWire, which got the full details of the story, the Redmond-based software company is currently beefing up its cloud capabilities for U.S. state and federal agencies, which include adding PowerBI and HDInsight data tools for its Azure Government Cloud. Additionally, the company is also making new Microsoft Cognitive Services, such as facial and voice recognition, available for Azure customers in the government sectors.

As a result of these new cloud development, Federal, state and government agencies that have been using the Azure Government Cloud will now be able to tap into two new data analytics services. Microsoft made the huge announcement at its Microsoft Tech Summit, and its marks the company's strong commitment to providing the latest in cloud innovation not only to private sectors or companies but also to government customers.

According to Microsoft, the Power BI Pro on Azure Government cloud will provide powerful business analytics service that uses dashboards to aggregate a broad range of live data and also helps customers stay connected to their data. This Azure data tool offers a visual analytics tool complete with intuitive report authoring, canvas, and interactive visualizations.

Another big addition is the HDInsight on Azure Government Cloud. HDInsight is a fully managed cloud Hadoop offering that enables streaming and processing of large data sets in real time using Spark for HDInsight, Kafka, and Storm. With HDInsight on Azure Government Cloud, data scientists will now be able to build intelligent applications that leverage big data to deliver personalized experiences

And last, Microsoft also introduced a new Cognitive Services for the Azure Government Cloud. This will include a series of machine-based language, vision, search and knowledge of API (application programming interfaces) that help developers build apps much faster and better.

To learn more information about these three new cloud-based data tools, Interested parties can head over to HDInsight for Azure Government website. They can also head to Power BI Pro for Azure Government website.

Microsoft To Help Public Sectors Get Up And Running In The Azure Cloud Platform

In other cloud-related news, Microsoft has just announced Blueprint to help public sector organizations get up and running on Azure Cloud platform. As mentioned earlier by The Inquirer, the newly launched Azure Blueprint will help public sectors to quickly implement the 14 cloud security principles published by the UK's newly-opened National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). The 14 cloud security principles that include some best practices around operational security and asset protection and more.

In addition to the Azure Blueprint, the company has also released a UK Official compliance architecture ARM (Azure Resource Manager) template to the popular web-based version control repository and hosting service GitHub. Microsoft Azure also introduced Azure's Service Bus Premium Messaging, a cloud-based high-performance communication tool that addresses common customer requests around scale, performance, and availability for critical applications.

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