Microsoft Office 365 Gets A Big Boost This Month, Adds Killer Enhancements & New Security Features


Microsoft Office 365, the software giant's productivity software and related services, has just received some big lift this month. The software giant has just published some recap of all of the newly introduced enhancements and security features for this month. Microsoft has published the big recap this week.

Microsoft Office 365 Get A Huge Facelift

As mentioned earlier on the Microsoft Office site, the Office team has just published a recap of all the newly added feature in the Office 365 this month. Many of these newly added capabilities, including the new security features, have leverage Microsoft's cloud-powered intelligence services.

QuickStarter, which first announced in September 2016, has now made available in PowerPoint on Windows desktops for Office Insiders on the Fast Ring, where it provides a much easier and faster way on how to get started with their PowerPoint presentations by providing them with curated content about the topic of their choice.

The feature gets everything the user need by simply typing their topic and then QuickStarter get them going with a curated outline, recommendations on what categories to include, information to research further, and even associated images or photos tagged with Creative Commons licenses.

Another important addition is the digital assistant for Microsoft Word, which provides users with a whole new writing experience. The new Editor pane replaces the traditional Spelling & Grammar pane with a more advanced spelling, grammar and writing style recommendation tools, which makes it easy for the user to scan their document.

Additionally, the office team has managed to incorporate some inclusive design best practice in the new experience to make it more accessible for the visually impaired one.

Microsoft is also making the Office 365 Apple-friendly, adding support for the Apple's Touch Bar in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Microsoft also announced plans for Touch Bar support in Outlook for Mac, but this one is still on the company's drawing table.

In addition to the digital assistant for the Microsoft Word, Microsoft's digital assistant Cortana is also making its way into the Office 365 software. The feature is said to create suggested reminders based on things users have said in their emails.

However, this feature is available only for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users in the US market. There's still no official words about its international availability. For those users who want this feature, they need to add their account or Office 365 account in their Cortana connected services.

Microsoft Office team has also added that support for Android, iOS, and other email services are already being planned and works, so expect them to arrive in the next couple of months.

New Security Features Introduced

According to Tech Republic, the Redmond-based software company has also made three big security-related announcements this month, which include the following: The Office 365 Secure Score, which now available to commercial customers, is a new security analytics tool that applies a score to Office 365 customers' current security configuration.

The Office 365 Threat Intelligence leverages the billions of data points from the Microsoft Intelligent Security Graph to provide customers with actionable insights and help them stay ahead of cyber threats. This feature is currently on private preview, but Microsoft has promised general availability planned for later this quarter.

The Office 365 Advanced Data Governance is a new tool that uses machine learning technology to help them manage their most important data and retain the most important data for them while at the same time eliminating redundant and obsolete data that could cause some serious risk if compromised. Currently, this tool is still in preview, with general availability planned for later this quarter.

Check out Microsoft Office 365 website to learn more about these three big security-related announcements.

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