How to Negotiate A Better College Financial Aid Package


Unless you are one of the lucky kids who come from wealthy families who won't really the help of financial aids to send their children to college, then the thought of attending college can be a little bit daunting. Even if you apply for scholarships or financial aids, there are times when these resources will still fall short of what you actually need.

This is where negotiating or bargaining comes in. You will not be able to find out what the best offers are if you do not push hard enough, so here are the some essential tips to help you out.

Contact the financial aid office

It is best to call the school to their financial aid offer and compare it with another, according to CBS News. This way, you will be able to find out which one is actually more affordable. In fact, you can let them know of the offer you received from one school so that they can match the offer.

Be specific

If you appeal is too broad, it will be difficult for the financial aid office to help you, according to The Muse. This means that when you write your cover letter, you must be specific with the details including the dates, facts and figures pertaining to your financial situation. If you have documentation for claims on your financial difficulties, then it will be much better.

Understand what you are being offered

It is important that you know what you are being offered, up to the very small details, because it is critical. If there are terms that you do not understand, you can call the financial aid office. This will also help you decide when it comes to choosing the right college for you.

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