Cornell University Demands College To Fund Illegal Immigrant Students


Cornell University spearheaded a protest to demand college to begin funding for the illegal immigrant students who are enrolled in or work at the school. Their call out is for the university provide both housing and sanctuary to these students.

The protest was organized by the Cornell Coalition for Inclusive Democracy, and around 250 students and faculty members have joined, Daily Caller reported. What the protesters were asking for was for the university to provide funds for the illegal immigrants, even those that were not protected by the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The protesters also demanded the university to provide safe shelter to international scholars who are trying to escape violent and dangerous situations in their home countries and are warned from traveling overseas, according to HeatStreet.

Professor Russell Rickford said that the endangered community member still do not have the full assurance that the university will be able to protect them.

The group called on the campus police to not release information about illegal immigrant students unless it is really important.

The protesters chanted in chorus saying "no ban, no wall, sanctuary for all".

One professor spoke to the protesters and told them that most people will only be fighting against them, that these students will only find themselves in the minority in protesting their struggles, and that most people will never stand with them.

Prior to these protests, the administration of the university already took measures to address the group's issues. They also have informed them that they planned to honor the DACA and that they will provide legal assistance to the international students when they need it. It also plans on protecting the privacy of student information and records from unauthorized and unlawful intrusion.

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