‘Persona 5’ Is The Best ‘Persona’ Game; Final Boss Combines The 7 Deadly Sins [VIDEO]


A new trailer for "Persona 5" was recently unveiled and it proves that the upcoming game will rival "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" in terms of quality. Early reviews for the game installment claimed that it is the best out of the other "Persona" games out there.

"Persona 5" players will play as a quiet transfer student who's capable of altering people's emotions by fighting their alter-egos and stealing their hearts. According to Gaming Bolt, the protagonist is on probation for assault and there's a possibility that this criminal background will be a bigger fixture in the game's storyline soon after.

Aside from stealing hearts together with the other Phantom Thieves, players will have to attend school on weekdays and answer teachers' challenging quizzes. Other activities include hanging out with friends, working part-time jobs, creating social connections and taking down minor shadow demons.

Kotaku pointed out that these non-combat aspects of the game are "sleek" and "funny," and will make your group stronger for infiltrating palaces to steal a new target's heart. Those palaces are shadow worlds built out of a specific person's desires and impulses.

Every palace is uniquely built. Inside, there are different puzzles, stealth sections and monsters you can recruit to discover a person's weakness. These palaces must require thoroughness because infiltrating them after the deadline will result in horrendous consequences. The deadlines differ each month.

The palaces' main bosses are based on the seven deadly sins: envy, lust, wrath, pride, gluttony, vanity and greed. It's possible that the final boss will be a combination of all those sins.

What makes the upcoming game stand out among its predecessors is its tense, stylish and comical gameplay. Game creator Katsura Hashino said that playing "Persona 5" will give players "some kind of wisdom" that can be used in the future, Gameplanet reported.

The characters summon their personas by taking off their masks, while Social Links -- a crucial aspect in past "Persona" games - will have a bigger effect on the gameplay and story. The protagonist will use a smartphone all throughout the game to reflect society's current dependence on mobile devices.

Smartphones can be used to text other main characters to boost their social connection. Other players can also be contacted through the SNS system.

Via the SNS system, players can share information about in-game activities. Unfortunately, major competitive multiplayer modes will not be available. A day and night cycle along with a weather system should be expected, too.

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