‘Legend Of Zelda’ Tips For No Fuss Master Sword Extraction; Avoid This Action To Save Stamina

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The Master Sword is one of the highlights of "Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild." It is every player's mission to get the legendary weapon and complete the Hero Sword's quest. Here's how you can do it successfully.

Players will find the Master Sword out of the Great Plateau. The weapon resides in the heart of the Korok Forest in front of the Great Deku Tree, which can be reached by traveling through the Lost Woods. The latter, however, is a tricky place because one false move will make you lose your progress in the game, Eurogamer warned.

When you successfully reach the Korok Forest, you must construct a fast travel point at the Keo Ruug shrine so you won't accidentally get into the Lost Woods again. The Master Sword cannot be extracted from its stone easily; you must possess a certain level of strength and health to pull it.

Players must have 13 Heart Containers to stay alive as the blade is being pulled. After you successfully extract it, you can now use the weapon (a 30 strength Sword) to exact great damage to Ganon and every beast touched by the Calamity. The blade doesn't break unlike other weapons in the game, proving that it's highly effective in combat.

The Master Sword is intended for primary enemies, so using it on lesser foes will render it unusable temporarily. This is because of the weapon's "using it without need" classification or basically, it is only meant for great achievements.

"Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild" players will begin their adventure in Hyrule with zero weapons. However, they can use a tree branch to protect themselves and eat apples and mushrooms to boost their health.

Things will change when players come across an old traveler, and you must get his paraglider so you can go down from the Great Plateau to the lands at its feet. While on the quest to get the man's paraglider, players are also tasked to acquire Spirit Orbs via solving puzzles in shrines, which will also boost stamina level.

Business Insider advised players against jumping while climbing cliff faces. Though combining the two actions picks up your pace, it wouldn't be worth it because it drains your stamina meter quick. To restore stamina while climbing, it's wise to use cliffs' diagonal edges and footholds.

Cooking meals also boosts health, defense, strength and resistance against elements, among others. Protein-filled meat and vegetables are perfect stamina-boosters.

Any additional tips on getting the Master Sword? Share them below.

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