‘Injustice 2’s’ Doctor Fate Sucks At Close-Range Fighting; Baseline Stats Preserved In Ranked Mode


NetherRealm Studios introduced an obsolete DC character to "Injustice 2." Doctor Fate's resemblance to Marvel's Doctor Strange is uncanny, but the former has some notable unique characteristics, too.

Doctor Fate a.k.a. Kent Nelson is proof of the character diversity that "Injustice 2" is gunning for. Granted, Doctor Fate isn't as popular as DC's biggest superheroes -- Batman, Superman and The Flash -- but the character has existed in DC Comics since 1940. His powers include force fields, invisibility, phasing/ghosting, teleportation, shape-shifting and telekinesis.

Game designer John Edwards said that Doctor Fate was added due to his unique moves, powers and attacks that weren't seen in other cast members. Doctor Fate serves as the game's "predominant spellcasting, magic-based character" and he certainly fits the bill because he is the most powerful sorcerer being in DC's universe, GameSpot reported.

Doctor Fate's fighting style is convoluted, meaning players won't enjoy him that much if they're into close-range combat like Black Canary's. The character isn't equipped with "straight physical attacks" and only possesses a "ranged playstyle."

He's excellent at controlling space and distancing himself from his enemies. Doctor Fate also lays out traps or ankhs in strategic areas in the battlefield to hurt his foes.

Perhaps one of Doctor Fate's best powers is his ability to temporarily prevent his opponents from using the interactables in the background. With this, his enemies are incapacitated and are unable to sustain damage or escape his clutches.

Characters in "Injustice 2" are equipped with one accessory slot and four stock equipment items for the head, legs, torso and arms. Items have stats, meaning they affect the character's strength, health, defense and special abilities. Equipment also provides visual effects, new animations for special attacks, boost experience and raise the in-game currency procured in battles, Polygon listed.

Accessory slots, meanwhile, can alter how characters do combat. The game will also have gear sets that will yield extra bonuses for players. Combining two or more multiple items can strengthen a character's attack.

Another collectible item, shaders, will allow players to change a character's costume color palette and skin tone. There are two ability slots, too, to add new or special attacks to a character that will deal additional damage.

Earning and equipping Gear is a huge part of "Injustice 2." The stat changes, however, will not affect ranked matches in any way. Ranked Mode still allows gear use but there will be changes to maintain players' baseline stats. "Injustice 2" rolls out on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 16.

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