'Halo Wars 2' Huge Patch Sidesteps Balance Changes; Game's Shallow Narrative Criticized


343 Industries is rolling out a huge patch for "Halo Wars 2." The patch will fix several bugs that players have been complaining about, though there's bad news waiting for those wishing for balance changes.

According to 343 Industries, the fix will include a loading screen problem that gets players stuck. A Network Errors that occur Blitz Packs are being opened was included in the patch, too.

Another issue targeted by the patch is a black screen seen by PC users when the game is being booted. Also, the game's PC version will now inform players if their drivers are outdated so crashes will be prevented.

The gameplay also received several fixes in issues seen in the "Palmer's Pure Gold" Achievement, while Gold medal can be acquired more easily now in "Hold the Line."

Cross-skull interactions between Annihilation and Pestilence were resolved, and garrisoned Snipers now get extra stats. You can check out the complete patch notes on the developer's blog post linked above.

The developer is also developing ranked multiplayer for the game's future update. However, there aren't any plans about any balance changes for units. That doesn't mean that it is entirely impossible, though, because 343 Industries is tracking player feedback and it's likely that the game will be adjusted sometime in the near future.

"Halo Wars 2" immediately takes after the events of its predecessor. The latter's conclusion saw the military spaceship, the Spirit of Fire, going into battle against the malevolent alien force called the Covenant. The Spirit of Fire must stop the Covenant from rendering mankind extinct, which antagonists will do by taking control of a convoy of high-tech spacecraft.

The game's breathtaking scenes and its story are lauded by critics. The plot is easy to comprehend and makes players care about the characters and their journeys aside from strategic battles.

The lack of complex storylines, however, is also the game's downfall. According to a review from Mirror, missions are easily won by strategically placing the appropriate counterattacks against foes. Positioning such as ambushes and flanking tend to fall to the sidelines too, so tactical plans aren't usually prioritized over mass descent on alien enemies.

"Halo Wars 2" is available on Xbox One and PC. What do you wish to see in the game's future updates? Do you dislike the game's lack of tactical depth? Share your thoughts below.

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