Nioh Releases Update 1.05, More Still To Come On March & April, Including The Dragon Of The North DLC


Nioh, the newly released action role-playing video game, has reached a major milestone this week. The games have just sold more than 1 million copies worldwide, which include the combined number of physical and digital copies being sold in the market. Koei Tecmo, the game publisher, made the huge announcement this week.

Nioh Hits A Major Milestone

In celebrating this huge milestone, Koei Tecmo has just released a Golden Nioh Armor for all players that have already downloaded the patch version 1.04. Nioh players can now grab this new offering by accessing the Boons menu from a Shrine.

According to gaming website IGN, the Golden Nioh Armor is based on the legendary samurai warrior Yukimura Sanada.Additionally, the game developer Team Ninja has also extended the game's early-purchase campaign to March 1.

Nioh players that already has the game before the aforementioned date will get a Crimson Master Armor, IGN reported. However, downloading the patch 1.04 would be hard for everyone. There has been few number of reported issues on downloading the patch 1.04. But some has managed to find a temporary fix for the issues. According to PlayStation LifeStyle, re-starting the PS4 game console would allow players to download the patch. The game developer has yet to comment on this matter.

Nioh Players Can Check The Full Details Of The Update 1.04 At PlayStation LifeStyle Website

Released in February 2017, Nioh is an action role-playing video game developed by Team Ninja and published by Koei Tecmo for the PlayStation 4. The game's story was based on the life of historic Western samurai warrior named William Adams, with Nioh players taking the role of William.

The player guides the samurai warrior William on missions through demon-plagued environments fighting both human enemies and powerful demons called Yokai, who lie and wait in the shadows to ambush and kill their victims.

Team Ninja Releases 1.05 Update, More Updates Coming On March And April

In other Nioh-related news, Team Ninja has just released another patch (v1.05) for the PS4. Team Ninja has recently released patch 1.04, however, that update has caused so much trouble for most Nioh players that needed to be resolved.

According to PlayStation Universe, the unexpected issues that arise in 1.04 has forced Team Ninja to come out with another update. The Nioh update 1.05 is said to lower the probability of players to obtain high-level equipment compared to the previous 1.04 update.

The game developer has already apologized for the Nioh players for the significant drop on their equipment, stating that the drop is necessary to make some important adjustments in the game.

In addition to the newly released 1.05 update, Nioh players will also see the addition of high-difficulty missions on March, and on April will see the upcoming Dragon of the North DLC.

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