Nintendo's E3 2017 Booth Hints A Huge Nintendo Switch Presentation, Microsoft Talks Handheld Effort & Nintendo Competition


Nintendo has another big news for the upcoming hybrid game console, Nintendo Switch. The Japanese gaming giant has just confirmed the addition of the upcoming puzzle game Snipperclips to the Nintendo Switch's game list. Nintendo made the big announcement this week.

Nintendo Confirms Snipperclips Presence In The Nintendo Switch's Launch Date

According to Polygon, the upcoming co-op puzzle game is now a Nintendo Switch game and will be made available on Switch's official launch on March 3.

Snipperclips will be made available exclusively in Nintendo eShop for $19.99 only, starting March 3. Developed by SFB Games, the charming co-operative puzzle game will feature three game modes: World mode, Party mode, and the fast-paced Blitz mode, which can be played with two to four players.

Additionally, there will also be a free demo available on the day of the Nintendo switch launch, providing players a great chance to learn more about the new puzzle game.Snipperclips, which said to be the twelfth launch day title for the hybrid console, is a co-operative puzzle game for up to four players.

The new puzzle game will require players to snip themselves in certain shapes, where players can control to solve shape-based puzzles and complete levels.

The game feature single player, co-op, and competitive game modes. Its developer, SFB Games, is a big name in the mobile gaming industry and the upcoming Switch console is a perfect way to the mobile game studio to make its entrance to the next generation of game consoles.

Nintendo first announced Snipperclips in January of this year, with Nintendo making a promise to include Snipperclips as the launch-window title. Fortunately, things have to get better for both companies as Nintendo finally confirmed the addition of Snipperclips to the launch day title of the Nintendo Switch.

For more about Snipperclips, players can check out Nintendo's official website.

E3 2017 Floor Plans Hints Sizable Nintendo Presentation

In other Nintendo-related news, the big E3 2017 is still a month away but Nintendo has reportedly worked on the upcoming gaming expo. As mentioned earlier by Nintendo Life, the E3 booth is hinting a sizable Nintendo presentation, something much bigger than the previous one.

The Nintendo-focused website has posted some diagram of the E3 2017's floor plans, showing both Sony and Nintendo as neighbors sharing sizeable gaming areas. The Japanese company has three 'booths' next to the equally boldly Sony. Nintendo's booths include a sizable main area, another large area, and last a smaller area.

Meanwhile, Microsoft has entered the hot seat when asked about plans to enter the handheld race. According to Daily Star, which the first to broke the news, Xbox chief Phil Spencer has managed to take some time to do a little fan Q&A on Twitter, the Xbox chief was asked with some intriguing questions regarding Microsoft entering the handheld market to bring even more competition to Sony and Nintendo.

Spencer has quickly responded to the fans' questions, stating that the company has still no plans to build any sort of handheld Xbox platform because the software company believed that the smartphone would be the platform for all of the mobile gaming market.

In the past, the Redmond-based software company has made some plans to enter the handheld console market several times.In an interview with IGN, former Xbox chief Robbie Bach did discuss and explained that Microsoft had made rough plans for a portable device several times. The software giant's idea has even given a strange name for its own handheld effort 'Xboy'.

Microsoft's handheld effort has managed to enter the early stages of the game development, but in the end, the Redmond-based company decided not to push on with the planned handheld device.

The reason for not entering the handheld gaming market has nothing to do with the mobile market. But according to Bach, the reason why Microsoft has never entered the handheld market was, because the company can't make a laser focus thing when it came to finite plans.

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