Benefits College Students Get From Studying Abroad


Today's job market is so highly competitive that college students feel the need to gather experiences that will make them standout and be seen on top of employer's expectations. And one excellent example of an experience that will catch your employer's attention is your experience in studying abroad.

According to IES abroad, pursuing higher education in a foreign country will change your life, and you will be coming back as a different person. You will numerous long term benefits than you ever imagine and it includes the impact on your personal, academic and professional life. It will influence your career path, your self-confidence and the way you perceive things, and view the world.

A student shared her experience with The Bulletin and said that every student should be studying abroad. Courtney Cranford, a senior sociology major studied in Florence, Italy last spring and she shared how every single day of living and studying in a foreign country is a new experience.

The Office of International Education (OIE) offers roughly 63 countries where students can study at, including the US. Ciera Symmonds, senior administrative assistant in the OIE said that students would typically come in and ask about a particular country and what they offer in the country and try to meet the need of that country. And if it does not work that way, they still try to stick within the same region, she said.

According to Symmonds, when students choose to study in a country with a different language, they just learn the language while they are there, because language was not really found to be a huge barrier. Europeans know how to speak English too, although she encourages students to learn the native language of the country because it is a sign of respect and care for them and for their country.

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