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Trump Signs Executive Order Supporting Historically Black Colleges and Universities


President Donald Trump has just signed an executive order Tuesday which aims to increase the support of his administration to black colleges and universities, and make them a priority. He intends to establish better and closer relationships to these institutions than President Obama by moving them to the direct white house supervision.

Trump, who is a Republican, aims to help improve the lives of the black Americans who have shown their support for his opponent Hilary Clinton during the 2016 presidential election, Business Insider reported.

The president's will move the government's program to promote historically black colleges and universities, also known as HBCUs, to the direct supervision of the White House from the Education Department.

Trump, in a signing ceremony in the Oval Office with the leaders of about 20 schools, said that education has the power to uplift, transform and create greater equality and justice. And that is the reason why he is looking forward to sign an executive order to recognize the importance of historically black colleges and universities, he added. He recognizes the role that they play in achieving progress for African-American in the nation's march for justice, according to The Washington Times.

With the HBCUs moved under the direct oversight of the white house, the institutions will be made a priority once again by making the partnerships with the government agencies easier. Vice President Mike Pence said at a White House listening session on Monday that the Trump administration is willing to work with roughly 100 institutions in the United States.

He also said that the administration is committed to making sure that the historically black colleges and universities get the credit they deserve and that is something that is going to be happening.

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