‘Hearthstone: Journey To Un’Goro’ Expansion Includes Fiery Volcano Death Card; Minions Can Adapt Other Appearances


"Journey To Un'Goro" is the latest "Hearthstone" expansion unveiled by Blizzard. The expansion will immerse players in a jungle filled with dinosaurs, predatory plants and an active volcano.

"Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro" will introduce 135 new cards that include spells and minions. Excitement is high over the new Quest cards, where players must finish a specific task or tasks to get a card as a reward.

In a video uploaded on YouTube, Blizzard's production director Jason Chayes and game director Ben Brode showed an Awaken the Makers Quest card, which tasks players to summon seven minions using a Deathrattle effect. It costs players one mana and when completed, will reward the incredibly powerful card called Amara, Warden of Hope. The latter sets the hero's health level to 40.

Take note, however, that players can only get one Quest card in each deck. The card will surely land in players' opening hand, so there's no need for drawing it when starting a quest, according to Game Rant.

There's a new Adapt ability for minion cards that's somewhat similar to Discover. Triggering the adapt ability will allow players to pick three random buffs from 10 choices.

The Verdant Longneck, a five-mana 5/4 monster, is one of those adapt options, Mashable noted. Only six adaptations out of 10 were shown in Blizzard's announcement video.

Elemental minions now have their own card type thanks to the "Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro" expansion. It includes new legendary Mage card, Pyros, and a tar pit elemental card. You can get the former back as a stronger card every time its final form dies.

The expansion is also in the process of labeling the game's other Elementals including Fireguard Destroyer, Rumbling Elemental, Earth Elemental, Anomalus, Ragnaros the Firelord, Lightlord, Baron Geddon, Al'Akir the Windlord and Magma Rager.

The active volcano in the expansion isn't just sitting there as a scary decoration. Players can get their hands on a new spell card (aptly named Volcano) for Shaman. When the card is in use, the players' minion opponents on the board will receive a fiery death spewed by the volcano.

The "Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro" expansion will be released in early April. More cards will be revealed on March 17. Starting this week, players can buy 50 "Hearthstone: Journey to Un'Goro" card packs with the special fossil card as a bonus item for $49.99. Card packs can also be acquired via Arena wins or in-game gold.

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