Xbox Project Scorpio To Rule The Console Market, But Analyst Still Doubts Scorpio's 4K Gaming Experience


Xbox fans have been waiting for Microsoft's official statement regarding the official release date of the upcoming game console. Unfortunately, fans would need to wait a little bit longer here, because Microsoft is still working on the console. But the software company has promised to shed more light on their upcoming console at E3 on June 11 at Los Angeles, California.

Sony Would Not Compete With Xbox Scorpio

The Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio was first introduced to the public during last year's big E3 event and is expected to launch late in 2017. And just like the newly upgraded PS4 rival, the new console is expected to build upon the Xbox One while at the same time bringing 4K gaming and virtual reality experiences to the Xbox gamers.

However, Xbox Project Scorpio has some big trouble coming on the horizon. Analysts are speculating that Sony might be planning a massive retaliatory strike, a possibly an Xbox Scorpio countermeasure. The goal, according to rumors, is to compete with the new Microsoft game console.

But Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has quickly slammed those rumors and stated that Sony has no plans to release a new hardware to counter Microsoft's gaming hegemony.

In the latest episode of Pachter Factor, the gaming analyst claimed that there's no need to respond to the impending Xbox Project Scorpio and that the Japanese giant already has the PS4 Pro out and that Xbox project Scorpio is essential to Xbox One what PS4 Pro is to the original Sony's gaming console system.

However, Pachter seems confident that the upcoming Sony game console, the PS5, will be released in the not-too-distant future, but not too close to Scorpio's launch date. Pachter made a bold prediction that Sony's PS4 successor is likely to arrive in 2019 or 2020. At the same time, the industry would also see another version of Xbox One console, Pachter added.

According to PlayStation Universe, Pachter's comments tie in with his previous prediction about the PS5 release date. Pachter previously predicted the console would launch around 2020, at the time when 4K TV adoption will really take off the ground.

According to some analyst, Scorpio will make a huge impact and might rule the gaming market. Strategy Analytics' Michael Goodman made a good analysis about what exactly the new console means for Microsoft's place in the console gaming market.

Goodman said that the console probably won't make major advancements in its first day after release, but the Scorpio will make a huge leap once the developers' community touches it. Goodman noted that this will be the first time that Microsoft has had the most powerful game console on the market and the company is excited about this development because Sony still has no response on this.

This means only one thing- Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio would finally get its chance to rule the highly lucrative console market.

Analysts Doubt 4K Gaming On Xbox Project Scorpio

In other Xbox Project Scorpio news, analysts are said to be skeptical about true 4K gaming experience on the upcoming Microsoft game console. As mentioned earlier by the gaming-focused website Attack of the Fanboy, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter has some viewpoints that most Xbox fans would not like to hear.

The infamous Wedbush analyst believes that this still might not be a true 4K gaming experience nor will many games support the game console when it hits the gaming world. According to the website, the gaming analyst sees the Xbox Scorpio as something along the lines of the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Microsoft's Xbox Project Scorpio is expected to arrive later this year along with a rumored new Halo game. Xbox fans will learn more about the new game console at E3 event this coming June.

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