'Rogue Legacy' Developer Announces New Brawler That Has Strong Focus On Teamwork

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Game developer Cellar Door Games, the team behind roguelike platformer 'Rogue Legacy,' is getting some big gaming news, this week. Cellar Door Games has just has announced a new project called "Full Metal Furies." The developer made the huge announcement this week.

According to DualShockers, the Toronto-based game developer is reportedly working on a new team-based brawler called "Full Metal Furies" for Xbox One and Windows PC. The game feature RPG mechanics, secrets, puzzles, customizable equipment, and a very strong focus on teamwork.

According to the developer, the new brawler has been developed completely in cooperation. The developer also added that Up to four players can play as one of four character roles and battle creatures from Greek mythology.

The game is said to revolve around the extended war of succession among the god-like tyrannical Titans that has brought the world to the brink of extinction.

The developer also stated that each of the Full Metal Furies is said to bring unique and complementary abilities to the battlefield.

The Sentinel, Triss can block incoming damage and can push back enemies. The sniper, Meg, can tracks targets several miles away and hit its target with a devastating long-range punch, while Erin, the engineer, is said to be a mid-range fighter that can work on drones. And Finally, the Fighter, Alex is a heavy bruiser who "deals tons of damage" with her hammer.

The game develops said in a press release that it will offer something good for the lone single player, a single-player mode in addition to the online multiplayer and cross-play with Xbox One.

As seen in the announcement trailer, players can "quick-swap" between two characters on the fly, chaining together combos using each character's special abilities. Players can get the full details of the "Full Metal Furies" at the Cellar Door Games' official website.

"Full Metal Furies" is slated for release sometime in 2017.

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