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Feb 24, 2017 08:52 AM EST

Latest Rockstar Games Moves Adds Confusion To 'GTA 5' Fans, RDR2 Launch Date Push Back 'GTA 6'


Rockstar Games has some good news and bad news for "GTA 5" fans this week. The good news is that "GTA 5" fans will be expecting new DLC and fans will going to love it. The bad news is that Rockstar is reportedly holding back the release of a new and secret DLC content for "GTA 5" Online. The latest report suggests that the new DLC is being prepped for a 2018 target date.

Rockstar Games Holding Back The Release Of The Secret DLC

Twitter user Funmw2 posted recently on Twitter, saying that there are actually three maps included in the recent "GTA 5" Online update. Unfortunately, Rockstar revealed only two to the fans and other one remains a mystery. Latest reports also suggest that Rockstar Games has plans to keep the secret Valentine's Day-themed map from releasing to the public.

However, some gaming analysts made some good analysis of the developer works and come out with a good prediction that the new "GTA 5" Online map might be released in the next week.

Meanwhile, The Express reported earlier that the latest DLC release from Rockstar features more than just Valentine's Day-themed update. According to the UK-based publication, fans of the action-adventure game "GTA 5" Online can now explore various modes and discounts. The website also added that there will be discounts on the Gusenberg Sweeper, Ocelot Penetrator, and more.

The Clue And The Most Likely Release Date For GTA 6

The release date for the next installment of the GTA franchise, the "GTA 6," is reportedly been pushed back as Rockstar Games have recently announced a target 2017 release date for "Red Dead Redemption 2." With Red Dead Redemption finally set for 2017, fans can now expect a much longer wait here.

According to Tech Radar, fans could be waiting until 2020 for the next "GTA 6." By taking some quick math on Rockstar's current game development and history pattern on releasing GTA installment, one could get a good guess here- 2020 might be the final answer.

As for the developer, Rockstar is currently working on "GTA 5" Online, the multiplayer component of GTA 5 that been first introduced in September 2013. The multiplayer component will continue to receive regular content updates from Rockstar. But If a Red Dead Redemption 2 decided to come out with something similar to GTA Online, no doubt Rockstar Games will be busy again for another few more years.

Recently, some "GTA 5" players have managed to discover a clue regarding "GTA 6," which said to come in the form of an Easter egg that can be found in-game.

One big discovery claims a 2021 release date. The claims stem from a seemingly Easter egg spotted in a scenario in the "GTA 5." YouTube use Itz Frolickz has just come out with a theory that the release date of the successor of "GTA 5" could have been teased already in the current GTA game.

The clue came from a bizarre door numbering at the airport, which featured in the "GTA 5." Going to the airport in "GTA 5," one can spot something weird about the two doors, see number markings of 2013 and 2021 respectively. The numbering is quite intriguing, as doors are expected to have been marked with consecutive numbers.

According to the YouTube user Itz Frolickz, the bizarre door numbers might be pointing to the release dates of the next GTA game. "GTA 5" was launched on 2013 and since the other part of the bizarre door was marked with 2021, the YouTube user speculated that the next iteration would arrive sometime on 2021.

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