Sony To Reveal Killer PS Plus March 2017 Lineup, Boost Mode To Include In The New PS4 4.50 Update


Sony is getting ready for the next big in the gaming world. The PlayStation Plus March 2017 free games lineup are set to be revealed next week, March 1. The new lineup would likely match what Sony did last month.

PS Plus March Lineup

According to The Express, the Japanese tech giant will probably announce the new PS Plus March 2017 lineup this coming Wednesday, March 1. However, Sony hasn't released any words about this or hints about what free games will be included in the PS Plus March 2017 lineup. But this hasn't stopped PlayStation fans from making their own predictions.

Right now, there are no leaks to suggest what could be part of the roster of PS Plus titles this month. However, PlayStation Universe has made some good suggestion about what to expect from the new lineup.

The PS4-focused website suggested that PS Plus freebies could include Guerrilla Games' first-person shooter "Killzone: Shadow Fall," Fun Bits' action RPG "Fat Princess Adventure," Dennaton Games' top-down shooter "Hotline Miami 2" or the popular turn-based strategy action shooter game "Steamworld Heist." Finally, Sony's upcoming freebies will be hitting the gaming world this coming March 7, next week.

Meanwhile, as mentioned earlier by Daily Star, there's been lots of rumors and reports on the web today, suggesting that Sony might finally include a PlayStation VR game in the future lineup of their PlayStation Plus. However, Sony has yet to announce official statements whether it will include a PSVR game in their future PlayStation Plus lineup or not. Until now, Sony made no further comment about the PSVR story.

PS4 Latest Update: What To Expect From The New 4.50 Update

In other PS4-related news, Sony has already released a few important details of the upcoming PS4 system software update 4.50. The PS4 update is expected to arrive sometime in 2017, though an exact release date from Sony has still to be announced.

According to PlayStation Universe, one of the highlights of the upcoming Sony PS 4 update is the ability to upgrade your PS4 with an external HDD. In the past, PS4 owners were using internal HDD solutions to increase their storage capacity, but in the upcoming Sony update 4.50, it would be different. It will allow PS4 fans to choose the best USB 3.0 external HDD to upgrade their PS4 console.

The massive changes also allow PS4 owners to store more games, more apps, and more media without even having to worry about running out of memory space or to delete some items to make room for another file.

Other big expected features are the much-awaited Boost mode feature. The Boost Mode, according to Polygon, enables the PS4 Pro to deliver better performance on games without Pro patches (update). This feature will help transforms games by helping to improve their resolution and frame-rate and allows PS4 Pro run at a higher GPU and CPU clock speed for smoother gameplay on some PS4 games.

In addition to the Boost mode, Sony's PSVR headset will also get 3D Blu-Ray support in the latest 4.50 firmware upgrade, which means users won't need a 3D TV to watch 3D movies and videos. They will now be able to watch movies in stereoscopic 3D directly through the virtual reality headset.

Currently, the upcoming PS4 update 4.50 is still in beta phase. The firmware update is set to undergo testing before it released in the wild.

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