College Lifts Suspension On Student For Recording Professor’s Anti-Trump Rant


A college in California has reversed their suspension on a student who secretly filmed his professor's rant against the President-elect D0onald Trump. The college took time to review and rethink their decision before finally deciding to lift the suspension on a board meeting.

The student is Caleb O'Neil from Orange Coast College. He is a freshman college student who recorded his sexuality professor labelling Trump's election win as an "act of terrorism", Yahoo News reported. She was not necessarily referring to a real war, but meant a divided country in which "we are the majority. More of us voted to not have that kind of leadership."

The said even took place November 15, the professor, Olga Perez Stable Cox told her class that "we're really going back to being in a civil war. O'Neil is a republican and he explained the reason for doing the filming. He said that he does want his grade to be affected just because the teacher knows he is a Trump supporter.

The suspension, according to the dean of the college, aimed to make the student "truly think through your actions and the consequences of those actions" The Washington Post reported. But after two weeks of criticisms, the college took their time to rethink their actions and cancelled the suspension during a board meeting on Thursday.

O'Neil shared that video to a Republican Group in campus, who complained that Cox was abusing the power of grade to her students. And when the school did not act quickly, the recording was uploaded online and prompted harsh reproach from sources across the nation.

Cox explained that she was only trying to give comfort to her students who had fears about Trump's rhetoric against Muslims.

The Orange County Register issued a statement expressing their belief in the interest of fairness and equity for all, and overturned the school's decision and demanded for a recall of school members if the suspension was not reversed.

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