Ohio State University Crowdfunding Needs Help In Purchasing Dinosaur Bones


Ohio State University has a hall dedicated to the School of Earth Sciences. Orton Hall is the second oldest building on the Ohio State campus. It also holds the museum which is made up of sculptures that shows extinct creatures like the saber-tooth tiger.

Now, Ohio State University is looking to enhance their museum by purchasing a dinosaur skeleton. But it can only be possible if they get crowd funding support from the general public.

The geological museum at Ohio State university is planning on buying a new dinosaur skeleton to enhance its collection. The museum needs to raise $80,000 by next month, as reported by The Columbus Dispatch. If this happens, the Orton Geological Museum will surely get everyone excited.

The museum's current displays and merchandise are reportedly not generating enough revenue which can be vital for big purchases. Now, with the help of crowd sourcing or crowd funding, Ohio State University has high hopes, as reported by Lima Ohio.

Ohio State University already has a dinosaur in mind. The addition to the museum comes in the form of a dinosaur called Cryolophosaurus ellioti. It is described to be the size of a bus. It is said to be named after a retired Ohio State geology professor, David Elliot.

Dale Gnidovec, the museum curator, hopes that kids and other museum guests are going to get excited about science. He envisions the Cryolophosaurus ellioti already looming over museum visitors as they walk inside the halls of Ohio State University. He knows kids will get excited if they see a 22 foot long dinosaur.

Gnidovec adds that dinosaurs are a gateway to science and he explains that this is also a great opportunity to extend STEM to kids. The crowdfunding will also reportedly help Ohio State University to upgrade its facilities and exhibits.

Know more about the Cryolophosaurus in the video below:

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