Artificially Intelligent IBM Assists In Cognitive Imaging System


Artificial intelligence is present in many forms these days. AI can be found in smart phones and even in factories. Now, it is taking on a different approach.

Artificial intelligence is now found in an IBM imaging system that can one day help diagnose and predict certain diseases. Using anonymous health data, an artificially-intelligent IBM imaging system, with the help of Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin, the IBM Watson Health medical imaging collaborative is formed. Froedtert and The Medical College of Wisconsin will provide the data that is going to train the AI.

The group is also joined by seven other organizations, such as the University of Michigan, Strategic Radiology, University of Virginia Health system, Pacific Radiology Group, Sutter Health and IDx LLC, as reported by Biz Times.

The imaging collaborative team moves forward to address the world's health challenges. They are set to train the imaging system with medical reports and patient information. Using this database, the system can flag high risk patients and assist in working towards a solution.

According to Kathy Sieja, the Froedtert & MCW spokeswoman, artificial intelligence is a tool that can address the shortage of health care providers. The whole process hopes that the provided data will help train the AI to quickly assess the patient's medical history and provide potential diagnoses.

Reports indicate that the IBM Watson imaging system is not yet ready for actual use but doctors are impressed with the new technology, as reported by Engadget. In their reports, there is a 90 percent accuracy when it comes to supporting lung cancer treatment decisions. But the team behind this artificial intelligence system stresses that there is still more work to be done to make it useful in the real world.

Working with scientists, businesses, researchers and governments, IBM Watson Health aims to solve the biggest health care challenges in the world.

Watch the video clip below of IBM Watson discussing the Power of Artificial Intelligence:

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