College Students Display Power And Creativity Of Software Systems At Hopkins Hackathon


Various teams of college students from across the United States have come together at the biannual Hophacks event on Sunday to test the brightest minds and display their knowledge on technology. These college students have created software to help people seek out money lenders from anywhere in the world. The catch is that the application can be used even by the person who cannot read or write.

Another app was created that uses a technology called augmented reality that is designed to help the elderly fix their printer or log into their Facebook accounts. Another program tries to figure out President Donald Trump's personal connections by analyzing news articles.

All these things are materialized in less than two days. This is an event where engineers, designers and entrepreneurs can come together and bring out their expertise to come up with the most inventive and the most useful software applications, according to The Baltimore Sun.

This is an excellent way for students to test their skills and creativity when it comes to maximizing the tools that the industries they want to join offers, especially when they are just new to the field. This is also a perfect way for future employers to groom these students for their future roles in the companies.

Christian Reotutar, a senior at Hopkins who is one of the event's lead organizers said that this event can incubate new hackers and new engineers.

The team who won was a group of freshmen students from the University of Maryland, and they got to take home a cash prize of $1,024. What they did was use virtual reality and speech recognition software to create a speech portal.

The planning of each Hophacks event is taken care of by Swann partners with Major League Hacking, an organization that sponsors hackathons all around the country, according to the Johns Hopkins Newsletter.

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