NYU Suggests Ways For Students To Graduate Faster and Reduce College Costs


The rate at which college tuition has continually been increasing over the previous years is more than enough to make college students fear the cost of pursuing higher education. And New York University is one of those which has a very expensive tuition.

According to Investopedia, NYU's tuition is a whopping $46,170 per year, and that was way back in 2015. Some of their students even petitioned the continuous tuition hike. And now that the entire cost in this year university can amount to a total of $66,000, NYU finally has a better suggestion to help their college students manage the expenses - graduate faster.

NYU announced Friday that it will roll out measures that will make it easier for students to graduate faster, which is under four years, so that the college costs will be reduced and managed, The New York Times reported.

According to Ellen Schall, a senior presidential fellow and the head of the university's affordability steering committee, said that about 20 percent of NYU students have already graduated ahead of schedule. She said that they were surprised with the numbers and that it is one of the reasons that urge them to be more transparent and more available to more students.

Because of the outrage in the increasing college tuition and fees, processes are being formalized to address this.

Gov. John Kasich, Republican of Ohio, suggested that in order to make it easier for students in his state to graduate, more credits from high school or technical programs should be allowed in public colleges. Gov. Scott Walker, Republican of Wisconsin said that that schools in the University of Wisconsin system must create a three-year degree for the 60 percent of the programs they offer by the summer of 2020. Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. Is also trying to consider and experiment with the three-year degree options.

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