Sony Announces Killer PlayStation Plus Event, But Hits PlayStation Now Service

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Japanese tech giant Sony has announced some big PS4 event. The PlayStation Plus February 2017, which set to kick off later this month, is going to offer a big multiplayer event for PS4 owners. The Japanese made the big announcement this week.

Sony Announces Big PS4 Event

According to The Express, Sony is rolling out some big multiplayer event for those PS4 game console owners. The Sony's big event will take place this weekends, starting from February 22 to February 26.

Additionally, the website also added that PS4 owners who don't own a PlayStation Plus subscription plan will also get the chance to play online games for free. Unfortunately, Sony is not yet offering any full-game trials during this weekend playing time.

This is not the first time Sony has announced this, the company has already run a number of PS4 free multiplayer weekends in the past. But today's PS4 event will offer a much greater gaming experience. Sony is extending the PS4-focused promotion for a full seven days, edging its rival Microsoft Xbox One in the gaming market.

For now, it still unclear if those taking advantage of the Sony's PS4 free online event will get the chance to download the PlayStation Plus February 2017 games, which was released by the company earlier this month. Sony made no further comment about this matter.

The PlayStation Plus February 2017 games includes LittleBigPlanet 3 and Not a Hero on PS4, while on PS3, it will be Starwhal and Anna (Extended Edition). On PS Vita, it includes Ninja Senki DX and TorqueL.

Sony PlayStation Now Undergoes Big Changes

In other PS4 news, Sony has announced a major change to the way their PlayStation Now service will continue to work in the future. The massive change involved removing access to over 450 games that have been made available on great numbers of Sony devices, Daily Star reported.

For a starter, PlayStation Now is a streaming service developed by Sony Interactive Entertainment that allows users to pay for access to a selection of original PlayStation 3 titles on either a per-game or via a subscription basis.

The PlayStation Now works pretty much the same as Netflix but for games only not on TV series or movies. The cloud gaming service is Sony's answer to the PS4's lack of a backward compatibility, a widely popular feature on rival console Xbox One.

In addition to the 450 games, Sony has also confirmed that starting from August 15, 2017, PS4 players will no longer be able to use PlayStation Now services on some consumer electronic devices, which include PS3, PlayStation Vita, PlayStation TV, Sony Bravia player (all models), Sony Blu-Ray player (all models), and Samsung TV (all models).

Starting August, Sony will be limiting access to the cloud gaming service. The only way gamers will be able to access the gaming service is through existing PS4 console or PC. Additionally, the affected devices will also stop accepting sign ups for the PlayStation Now service, starting March 15.

The PlayStation news follows another big disappointment for PS4 owners this week, as it was revealed recently that the much awaited ITV Hub app has finally arrived on Xbox One but still dark on Sony PS4. The ITV Hub app is said to bring the full slate of ITV programming to the Microsoft Xbox One console.

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