BioWare Reveals More Details About 'Mass Effect Andromeda'; Game Not Coming To Nintendo Switch


BioWare's "Mass Effect Andromeda," the newest entry in the space adventure Mass Effect series, is getting closer to its March release date and the company has started to talk more about the upcoming new game. Developer BioWare has been talking up the high stakes gameplay and opportunities for exploration.

BioWare Discuss More Details About the New Game

In a recent conversation with the Official Xbox Magazine., creative director Mac Walters told the gaming magazine some details about the upcoming game. According to the director, the Andromeda planets would have whole separate stories that players can go off and enjoy.

Also in the same conversation, BioWare talked about a huge exploration option and the great opportunity to explore. In terms of gameplay details, according to GamingBolt, the space map will be more 3D and that story missions will be focusing more on specific areas.

Additionally, "Mass Effect Andromeda" has also released a new batch of screenshots that shows more of the game's cast. The newly emerged screenshots, which shared by known industry insider named shinobi602, showcase some of the game's most important characters, Wccftech reported. Fans can get more about these new characters at the Wccftech website.

Mass Effect Andromeda Coming Next Month But Not On Nintendo Switch

BioWare recently announced plans to scrap a huge gameplay feature ahead of the target release date. Paragon and Renegade feature would no longer appear in the next game, as BioWare announced plans to set the new series apart from the original trilogy. A new commenting system has been announced for the players.

The new system will now focus on agreeing and disagreeing with statements, this means that Andromeda players will have to think about potential ramifications. Additionally, Andromeda characters can also use different tones of voice, which allows the Andromeda players to express themselves in more different ways, giving players more freedom.

"Mass Effect Andromeda" is set to arrive on March 21 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Unfortunately, the much-awaited space adventure game won't be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

According to The Express, BioWare has recently ruled out a Nintendo Switch game port, although it could still happen in the near future if only the two parties reached a deal. However, Andromeda fans can still try the previous versions of the game the "Mass Effect 2" and "Mass Effect 3" as part of the newly introduced Xbox One backward compatibility scheme.

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