Blizzard Discusses More About Changes; Denies Rumors Of Loot Drop Changes


Blizzard is getting some trouble this week. Blizzard, the game developer of the popular first-person shooter game Overwatch, has talks more about the loot drop changes for the recent Lunar New Year event in which it denied that the drop rates has been changed.

Blizzard Discusses Loot Drop Changes

The game developer has told fans that this is not exactly what they want, confirming that drop rates were consistent among all Overwatch events. According to GameSpot, the drop rates for Halloween Terror, Summer Games, Year of the Rooster and Winter Wonderland are all the same.

According to the YouTube user Arekkz, there still more Doomfist clues have been discovered recently in the Overwatch PTR, and the figures tell the whole story. In the Numbani map alone, Overwatch players have discovered around 136 new models, and then there's also a 3D model in which the glass around Doomfist's case has been smashed.

Some have already speculated that Doomfist is now on the way and that Blizzard might be getting ready for its arrival. They also speculated that this might just be a part of the Blizzard's strategy, and that is to build the hype for the next major Overwatch character

Season 3 End Date Revealed

In other Overwatch news, the Overwatch team has just announced the official end date for the third season. According to PVP Live, the date would be Feb. 21, 2017. In addition to the Season 3 end date, the Overwatch team also announced the start of the Season 4, which will begin one week later or Feb. 28.

Overwatch players can read the full details of the Season 3 at the Blizzard's Official website. Players can check the Blizzard rewards on PVP Live website, which got the full details of the story.

Blizzard's first-person shooter game, Overwatch, is currently available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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