Bungie Confirms New Features For 'Destiny 2'; Fans May Learn More About the Game At E3


It's the buzz of the gaming world, game developer Bungie has finally confirmed reports that "Destiny 2" will be arriving later this year. Destiny fans have finally got what they're waiting for, a sequel is now coming. The fans went wild upon hearing of the big news about the much-awaited sequel.

In a recent investor Q&A following last week's quarterly report. Activision COO Thomas Tippl has just confirmed the reports about the "Destiny 2" release date, GameRadar reported.

For Destiny fans this is big news, fans have been eagerly anticipating a true sequel to the first-person shooter that originally launched in 2014. Now, the waiting is over, Activision has officially revealed the franchise's latest entry which will debut in fall 2017.

However, at this time, not much information is known about "Destiny 2," but rumors have suggested Bungie might reset character progress and bring the title to the PC.

Destiny has experienced hardship and tough times during its first year with a fragmented storyline, but constant expansions have finally shaped the space adventure game that allows players to fully understand why they're defending Earth against hoards of alien races.

Destiny's most recent expansion, "Rise of Iron," hasn't made any profound impact or significant change to the game as many fans had hoped for, leaving hardcore players in the mid-air, struggling to find player-vs.-player games that don't actually lag.

But wait, Bungie is learning fast, able to cope with today's fast-changing gaming environment. The game developer has finally got into action to address players' concerns. And now, it's expected to deliver a spring update to Destiny to keep fans of the game interested until the sequel arrival.

Destiny 2 Confirmed Features

According to Techno Buffalo, Destiny players will be glad to hear that the game developers are placing more emphasis on the storyline and characters this time around.

The company is currently looking to make the franchise return to Bungie's science fiction universe that fans are actually looking for. However, the game publisher, Activision, is looking deeper to pick up an entirely new audience with the highly anticipated sequel coming this year.

The sequel will offer a great cinematic story, Activision's Eric Hirshberg said earlier. There will be lots of expansion and features for the sequel.

Additionally, Activision has also confirmed that it has "follow-on content plans" for "Destiny 2." This means that fans could expect fresh content, gameplay changes, and some cosmetic add-ons coming after the "Destiny 2" launch.

Bungie, the developer of the much popular Halo series, has always been a fan of the big E3 event, so it looks likely that fans would learn more about "Destiny 2" this coming June, at the big E3 tech event.

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