Architecture Students Work The Hardest Among All US College Majors, Survey Says


In your college life, you might have found yourself competing with other students and compare who has got more coursework to get through. All college majors in general are tough and challenging, but there really are those who struggle more.

A recent survey has found that US student who are taking architecture college courses are the ones who put in extra hours than those who are taking other majors, Dezeen reported. They are found to be spending 22.2 hours every week for studying and that is on top of the hours they spend inside their classrooms, according to Indiana University's National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE).

They even beat out engineering students in this case because even chemical engineers only spend 19.66 hours every week, according to Archinect News. Other engineering and science subjects comprise the top 10 of the hardest working college students, while majors related to communications, management and sports make up the bottom part of the list, with 11 hours as the lowest figure.

The total average time that the students spend outside their classes for their studies was calculated and the result was 15 hours - which is 7 hours less than an a typical architecture student. Data from thousands of freshman and senior students were collected by the NSSE who were taking different majors across the country.

The list of the survey questions include the number of hours they spend for studying, as well as the extra hours they spend for reading, writing, and doing their homework which is outside of their time tabled hours. Then the results were compiled and were organized into a ranking order. But, it was also found that spending too much extra hours working or studying can be linked to a high rate of depression.

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