Colleges Extend Help To Liberal Arts Students In Their Career Search


College at the present is a costly investment and graduates should be able to find ways in order to stand out and be recognized in a highly competitive market, and if you are taking arts, experts say that you get to exposed less to direct career messaging compared to the fields like nursing and engineering.

The most recent survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers conducted in January 2016 states that 54.1 percent of the 2015 graduates were able to land on a full time employment; 65 percent earned a business degree, 32 percent with philosophy degree and 37 percent were psychology major, US News reported.

James Lowe, an assistant vice provost who runs the career development services office at the University of Connecticut said that liberal arts students do not get as much career discussions and conversations inside the classroom, which is why more career-oriented programs are being developed to bridge the gap in their degree and be able to enter the job market.

One of the programs introduced for the liberal arts students at the university is one which allows them to earn a professional development certificate if they can show participation in alumni panels and career-related courses. And the University of Connecticut is not the only institution who is trying to extend help to their students who took liberal arts major, even in the recent years, other schools made efforts when it comes to pioneering programs to help these students enter workforce.

So if you are considering taking liberal arts major, it will be a great decision. In fact, according to Forbes, the job market still needs people who are interesting, well-rounded and a good hire and these things can be found among liberal arts graduates.

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