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Feb 15, 2017 08:40 PM EST

NASA Prepares To Explore Jupiter’s Moon Europa For Signs of Life [Video]


NASA is now preparing for another landing on the moon but this time at Jupiter's moon, Europa. This could happen ten years after NASA would have sent a flyby mission to the moon by 2021. The 2031 probe will tell whether there is life in Europa.

Jupiter's moon has been believed to have an ocean. It has been dubbed the icy moon. The fact that there is water in this moon could mean that there is life on it. NASA had shared detailed reports about the project after it gt the nod of congress. Huge amount will be allotted to the exploration. The funds will be used to build an orbiter and lander to Europa. For this purpose, NASA has been developing its Space Launch System. The orbiter and lander will be the first to be launched using the system, according to The Verge.

Images from the lander are expected to show if life is possible in the moon. If the mission succeeds, the lander sent by NASA will be the first manmade object to explore the moon's surface.

NASA has made a design for the lander. Europa receives vast amount of radiation from Jupiter. The lander will be equipped with data gathering instruments to be sent to earth. Because of the radiation, it would be able to stay for 20 days at most in Europa, according to Popular Science.

Although the lander could not return to Earth, the data it sends back to Earth will reveal if indeed, life is possible in Europa.

NASA will be earning rewards for the success of the mission. However, it might be risky as well. The landing might contaminate Europa and cause damage to it. However, this seems impossible due to the radiation from Jupiter, according to Gizmodo.

The news that the landing on Europa will bring will put an end to speculations regarding the existence of life in Europa.

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