King Tut’s Tomb Final Investigation Could Reveal Greatest Discovery of 21st Century [Video]


King Tut's tomb will once again be scrutinized by a group of Italian researchers later this month. The researchers will attempt to find proof of another secret chamber within the tomb. This will prove whether speculations that other chambers were hidden within were true.

In 2015, radar was used to scan the tomb and there were indications that there were two chambers within. The news was welcomed by Egyptian authorities. They were hoping that the find will bring more tourists to the country.

Their hope was dashed when a team from National Geographic Society did another scan only to come up with negative results. This prompted the minister of antiquities of Egypt to order a stop to the digging, according to Aol.

Since speculations remained regarding the possibility of two hidden chambers, the Italian researchers decided make a final investigation.

The team of researchers came from the Polytechnic University of Turin. It is led by Franco Porcelli, and Italian physicist. His team is currently making a map of the Valley of the Kings. This place served as burial place for Kings, Queens and other royalties of Egypt.

King Tut was the King's son and after his father's death, he was declared king despite his young age. This earned him another title which was boy-king. It was believed that Queen Nefertiti, his stepmother, was also buried in that tomb, according to Washington Post.

Porcelli and his team will use radar scanners to discover if there were hidden chambers indeed and what would be inside them. This modern device can penetrate 32 feet of solid rock without breaking it. This will be done without breaking the stone.

It is believed that results of the final investigation would put on end to discussions and debates about hidden tombs, according to Fox News.

Porcelli's team promised to provide the public with 99 percent correct information. A positive result might lead to the biggest discovery of the 21st century.

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