Ten-Year-Old Boy with ADHD Wants to be ‘Professor of Play’ at Cambridge University [Video]


A 10-year-old boy with ADHD wrote an application letter to Cambridge University. Aedhan Brown applied for the position of "Professor of Play" after he read an advertisement about the vacant position at Cambridge University.

The fact that the university wanted someone with a Ph.D. did not deter the 10-year-old boy from applying. In his letter, he presented his age and his love for playing as the reasons for the university to consider him for the post, according to TES.

The 10-year-old boy was a Lego enthusiast. His courage to apply to the position earned the respect of the person who was in-charge of recruitment. The position was for the Center for Research on Play in Education, Development and Learning. This was a new department created in Cambridge University.

He believed that having ADHD means that he could focus on things. He considered his condition an asset if he would be accepted for the post. This would allow him to focus his attention on reading, doing research and playing, according to Express.

While the recruitment team rejected the application of the 10-year-old boy, he received an inspiring letter from the company. In the letter, the firm explained to him why he will not be interviewed for the post. However, it expressed its admiration for his ability to see a great opportunity and to have the courage to grab it.

Lego Foundation funded the newly created department and was looking for a professor who possesses a child-like mind. The person will lead the research center as it tries to discover the power of play, according to Cambridge News.

On his part, the 10-year-old boy was excited about the letter. Despite the rejection of his application, he still hopes to get a position at Cambridge University in the future. He promised himself to get his PhD degree and apply again.


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