University Researchers Discover Neuron Protein That Affects Cognitive Abilities and HIV-Related Dementia [Video]

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HIV-related dementia and learning disabilities can be affected by a neuron protein called CCR5. This was the discovery of researchers from Cardiff University and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA).

Dementia is common among people with HIV. The symptoms are decline of memory and other learning abilities. The discovery was accidentally made while the researchers were observing mice used in their experiment at UCLA. They had observed that mutant mice had better memory than normal mice.

They experimented with the mice further and they found out that mice with reduced CCR5 protein neuron had better memory than those with enough CCR5 protein neuron. The HIV attached itself to the CCR5 and destroyed immune cells. The amount of CCR5 increased, resulting to dementia and poor memory.

The researchers concluded that reducing the amount of CCR5 neuron protein on the brain would have positive effect. It improved learning ability and treated HIV-related dementia, according to News Medical.

This was considered a breakthrough and the discovery was believed to be of help to people with poor memory, poor learning ability and those suffering from dementia. Even people who had suffered from stroke can be helped. By reducing the CCR5 neuron protein, their memory would most likely work normally.

Medicines to help control CCR5 had been sold in the market for years already. This could make the availability of the medicine in the market. This means less effort and time would be spent on looking for such medicine, according to Cardiff University News View.

It has been known already that adults and infants suffering from HIV experience cognitive problems. A wide range of neurological diseases caused by high amount of CCR5 neuron protein will be treated easily using information from research results.

With this discovery, problems with the brain brought by AIDS, stroke and other illnesses that result to production of CCR5 neuron protein will be resolved. This will bring good and relief to people suffering from these ailments.

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