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‘Blindspot’ Season 2, Episode 14 Spoilers: Kurt Betraying FBI For Sandstorm, Jealous Over Jane & Oliver


Tension continues to run high on "Blindspot" Season 2. Viewers saw how big Shepherd's plan for Kurt Weller is, with the whole thing possibly leading to betrayal.

Michelle Hurd, who portrays Shepherd, said that her character will have to "make some changes" in her master plan now that Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is "not playing the way she wants him to," Entertainment Weekly reported. Shepherd's investment on Weller goes back a long way. She helped facilitate the man's education at the academy and put him in the FBI.

Shepherd is pretty convinced that Weller will follow her wishes, given how much he owes her and all that, but Weller proved to be stubborn. Because of this, Shepherd "gets really frustrated and unhinged." She couldn't believe that the people around her cannot see that what she's doing is for the greater good.

According to Hurd, Shepherd's actions are rooted in how the government and the country betrayed her. Prior to all of these, she was trying to help the nation but all she got for it was the demise of her team.

From Shepherd's perspective, the "people who are running this world are not running it for the right reasons." Collateral damage is expected in this quest, but Shepherd is careful to only punish the guilty ones and get justice for what they did.

Shepherd is also planning to get her adoptive son Roman (Luke Mitchell) back to her side. Remi a.k.a. Jane (Jaimie Alexander) has a strong influence over her adoptive brother, and Shepherd is hoping to separate the two before Roman completely succumbs to Remi.

As for the romantic aspect of "Blindspot," things don't bode well for Weller now that Remi and Oliver (Jonathan Patrick Moore) are dating. Executive producer Martin Gero said that Weller is jealous, though "seeing Jane with another man could ultimately help him realize his true feelings in the long run," according to a separate report from EW.

Remi and Oliver's romance may be bad news for Jeller shippers, but Gero assured fans that "it's an important step in the process."

"Blindspot" Season 2 will air its 14th episode titled "Borrow or Rob" on Wednesday, Feb. 15 at 08:00 p.m. - 09:00 p.m. on NBC. In the episode, a tattoo will lead the team into an influential collegiate secret society. Infiltration is impossible if they don't seek the assistance of one of the society's alumni named Rich Dotcom (Ennis Esmer), SpoilerTV reported.

Will Shepherd's master plan succeed? Do you ship Jeller? Share your thoughts below!

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