Mott Community College Shooting Threat A Student Hoax, Authorities Investigate Caller

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Mott Community College officials are following up on a lead that may point to a possible student hoax. An active shooter threat was reported when a call was received at 6:45 a.m. Monday that claims a post on Twitter shows a planned shooting.

The post indicates that someone is going to start shooting inside a Mott Community College campus. The college spokeswoman, Dawn Hibbard, says that college officials and authorities are looking into the matter. An arrest warrant is already out for the college student who allegedly called in the threat.

Hibbard did not readily identify the male college student but says that the college will implement strict disciplinary actions cited under the Student Code of Conduct, as reported by Livingston Daily.

The phone call led Mott Community College to close its doors to ensure the safety of its students and staff, including Livingston County. Hibbard expresses her apologies for any inconvenience anyone may have experienced during Monday's closing. But she adds that they need to follow safety procedures for everybody's security.

Reports describe the issue as an "active shooter threat," as reported by 13 ABC News. The Mott Community College president, Michigan State Police and FBI are already aware of the threat and are now trying to identify the source. Mott Community College Police Chief Theresa Stephens-Lock is unable to comment on any specifics but investigations find that the call is from someone local. In contrast to what Hibbard mentions, they are still unsure if it is a student from the campus.

As officials continue to work on the lead, Stephens-Lock encourages everybody to enroll in the Mott Community College alert system. They activated the alert system after the lock down was initiated which sent emails and text messages to all students.

Mott Community College continues to search for possible threats in the campus.

When faced with a threat, be sure to keep calm and follow the essentials. Watch this educational video below from MacEwan University:

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