Trump Regret Tweets Collected By Nova Scotia Student, Travel Ban Halts


President Donald Trump has amassed a great following on Twitter even before he took the seat as the president of the United States. And a university student from Nova Scotia has found a unique way to use social media in relation to Trump and his campaign.

Erica Baguma, a 23 year old student from the University of King's College in Halifax, has been collecting tweets of disillusioned Donald Trump voters. In the list of Trump's followers are celebrities such as Rosie O'Donnell, Olivia Wilde and many more.

The social anthropology student created the Twitter handle Trump_Regrets on November 2016. Seeing how Trump supporters react to the president's reversal on some of his campaign promises, Baguma started to compile the reactions, as reported by CFJC Today.

The undergraduate retweets Trump voters' qualms. She starts with his unconventional use of Twitter, dismissal of intelligence reports involving Russia's meddling in the recent election and other contradictions he made.

Since the creation of Trump_Regrets, she has already amassed over 195,000 followers. Baguma notes that the account grew in popularity after celebrity profiles started following the account. Because of the nature of the profile, Trump's Twitter followers accuse it for being a smear campaign. When asked about her thoughts on the account, she says it has given her a new perspective when it comes to Trump's supporters involving the country's best interest.

The account is still active today and continues to collect and retweet social media sentiments. Some tweets also include regrets from the recent Trump travel ban. In related news, a Federal judge temporarily halts the Trump travel ban in the country, as reported by CNN. The Federal judge who approved the order is James Robart.

According to Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferbuson, no one is above the law. He adds that not even the President is above the law.

Watch the video below regarding Robart's halting of Trump's travel ban:

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