National Signing Day: Who Is Kobe Buffalomeat And Why Is He A Force?

By , UniversityHerald Reporter

Kobe Buffalomeat has just signed with the Illinois State during the National Signing Day event and found himself at the center of national attention. Even Twitter went nuts over him all because of his interesting name. But who really is Kobe Buffalomeat aside from his limelight-hogging name?

Buffalomeat was the 103rd pick during the National Signing Day event with the Illinois State picking him. After the team announced it on their official Twitter account, it didn't take long before social media began to talk about him. However, there's more than meets the eye to the hulking football player than his name.

The 6-foot 7, 285-pound offensive tackle goes to Lawrence High School in Kansas. According to his father, Ray Buffalomeat, he named him after Kobe Bryant, and is a quarter white, a quarter Arapaho/Cheyenne, a quarter Choctaw, and a quarter Cherokee. Friends and classmates describe him as a respectful, laid-back, and fun-loving guy.

Bob Spack, the Illinois State coach, attested to that saying that they recruited him because of his character as well as being a good athlete. He also added that they have something in common - a good football name.

Illinois State recruiting coordinator Lamar Conrad said that they could have a special player. It seems that they have seen the potential in the young man to become a successful football player given with the right attitude and proper training. Based on the stats he has, Buffalomeat has the chance to climb to the next level.

Buffalomeat almost didn't get to the place where he is now. There was a season in his life where he quit playing football and chose basketball instead. As fate would have it, his basketball coach convinced him to go back to football in 2016 and now, he has a chance to study college on a football scholarship.

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