Top Paying Jobs For Business Majors, College Graduate Tip To Job Hunting


College and university students who are majoring in business can try their best to prepare themselves for the inevitable employment world. Once they find themselves in the job market, sometimes it is a good idea to find out which business job pays well.

With graduation coming up soon, students majoring in business can get a sneak peek at what would be the occupation that pays well. Here are the top five best paying jobs when it comes to business majors:

Tax Managers

Tax Managers are considerably one of highest paid job out there, as reported by Think Advisor. The job pays a median salary of $94,500 and 67 percent of these professionals coming from a Pay Scale survey are workers with a business major.

Corporate Controllers

If anyone is thinking of going into the corporate world, Corporate Controllers make a median salary of $95,400 and most of them are accounting majors.

Financial Advisor

For those considering a job in the realm of finance, becoming a Financial Advisor could earn a median pay of $122,800. Business majors working in this type of job is at 23 percent.

Chief Financial Officer

Going up the ladder is also something an entry level business graduate can look into. Becoming a Chief Financial Offer would earn a median pay of $132,200.

VP in Finance

Lastly, and that is if one goes way up the ladder still, becoming a Vice President in Finance can earn someone a median pay of $150,800.

If these numbers are something to look forward to, then for those considering to go into a business school or take a business major in a college or university, Forbes has listed Stanford as the best business school at Palo Alto, CA. Harvard, MA comes in second. Northwestern (Kellog) comes in third. And Columbia in New York and Dartmouth, NH takes in the fourth and fifth spots.

Considering going to Stanford? Watch the campus tour video below:

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