Job Site Releases List Of The 5 Best Jobs for 2017


Glassdoor provides students with basis in choosing a course that can give them better job opportunities. Just recently, it released a list of the 50 best jobs for 2017. The site does not only give a list of the best jobs but also offers information regarding job hiring practices and company culture. Here are the top 5 jobs for 2017.

Data Scientist

A Data Scientist is an employee or a consultant for a business establishment who specializes in handling huge amount of data. His job involves analyzing and interpreting data gathered. The information derived from these data are used to give the company an advantage over its competitors, according to Search Business Analytics. Currently, data scientists receive an average annual salary of $110,000.


This person is an Information Technology specialist who prepares and tests data, analyzes results, troubleshoots problems, and communicates issues back to development, according Search IT Operations. DevOpsEngineer receives an average salary of $110,000.

Data Engineers

Data Engineers are the people who take charge of "big data" so that it would be analyzed by data scientists. As software engineers, they design, build, and integrate data from various sources so that data can be used easily and smoothly. Their role is to help the company achieve its goals by optimizing performance, according to Big Data.The average annual salary of Data Engineers is $106,000.

Tax Managers

Tax managers take care of all tax-related tasks in the company. They are the ones who see to it that the company complies with all the tax laws. They have to keep updated with new taxation laws. They make plans on how the company can save on taxes, according to AFR Consulting. Tax managers receive an average annual salary of $110,000.

The top 5 jobs for 2017 indicate that technology and communication-related jobs will dominate the job market of the future. There will be increasing demand for professionals in this fiels..  

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