Public Colleges That Produces Graduates Who Earn Six-Figure Salaries


Most people think that one of the keys to landing a lucrative career in the future is by earning a four year degree and going to a fancy college. But what if you cannot afford to enroll to an expensive private school? Does it mean you will have to accept the reality of settling in a low-paying job? The answer is no.

According to CBS Pittsburgh, there are two year college institutions where students are able to make a lot of money when they graduate. And, landing a high paying job even if you have graduated from a public school will still depend on three factors, according to Money: what you study, how hard and where.

As for the what, a research suggests that your college major will have a significant influence on how much you will be earning in the future, but if you take engineering and food science majors, you are 25% more likely to earn six-figure salary. For the how hard, it is only natural that students who work hard in their college life are more likely to achieve success in their careers.

Being in a public school does not mean you will not have a chance to earn as much as those who came from private schools. In fact, there are selective public schools and colleges whose graduates are able to earn six-figure income within 15 years after graduation without even having to attend graduate school. Here are some of those schools.

California Polytechnic State University-San Luis Obispo

Average mid-career salary: $100,000

Michigan Technological University

Average mid-career salary: $101,000

New Jersey Institute of Technology

Average mid-career salary: $101,000

Missouri University of Science and Technology

Average mid-career salary: $103,000

 University of California-San Diego

Average mid-career salary: $106,000

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