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Undocumented Immigrant Students Get Sanctuary From Universities


After President Trump's declaration to build a wall between Mexico and the United States, a lot of college students are feeling the heat. The undocumented immigrant students, most especially, are concerned with their future in the country.

Which is why colleges are now preparing to protect their students from immigration raids. Some students are calling on fellow students and school staff to declare their universities and colleges as sanctuary campuses.

According to reports, school administrators have assured their undocumented immigrant students that they are not going to provide the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents any assistance when it comes to tracking them, as reported by USA Today. Portland State University, New York University and the University of Pennsylvania are some of the colleges that have converted the institution as a sanctuary campus.

Other schools are providing help such as legal assistance. The University of Miami School of Law is providing free legal counsel to its immigrant students. While Arizona State University is offering free counseling to those who are experiencing anxiety over the issue.

In order for the ICE agents to be accommodated, they would need to acquire a court order to even step foot inside some of the colleges.

While some schools have voiced out their support, other colleges like Princeton University and Syracuse University are hesitant to provide sanctuary. They promise to do what they can to protect their students but they express that the school still needs to comply with federal immigration laws.

This fear most likely stems from President Donald Trump's announcement that he is pledging to cut federal grants to institutions offering sanctuary and not complying with the immigration authorities, as reported by Indiana Public Media. While the immigration agency has not yet made its move, universities are waiting on Trump's administration to make the official announcement. In the meantime, student groups are continuing to ask colleges to shield their students.

Here is a related news clip from CBC News on President Donald Trump signing the order to build a wall between Mexico and USA:

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