Millennials Are Willing To Sacrifice Education For Fame


What does it take to become famous? There are famous artists and celebrities who are known for not completing their college degree or not even pursuing a higher education. Today, they are notable actors and entertainers. And the level of pull to the entertainment industry has gotten stronger.

In this case, millennials are most likely willing to drop everything, including their college education, in order to become famous. According to a recent study by Clapit, more than 25 percent of millennials would quit their jobs, disown their families, or even leave school to become the next big celebrity.

That means one out of 12 millennials would risk it, as reported by Complex. The allure of a huge paycheck and fame is not surprising. What is notable is the level of desperation that millennials are reportedly risking to become popular. While some would give up their education for fame, some millennials would even give up their own marriage. Some would even move to another country. Fame makes this certain generation behave differently.

Being famous is a lot of people's dream job, as reported by Clapit. Mary Jane Bulseco, the COO of Clapit, says that social media is the reason behind this huge shift. Fame is becoming more desirable and the entertainment industry has widened its scope when it comes to discovering talents online. YouTube has become a popular venue for discovering talents. It allows people of different ages and skill sets to feature their specialty to the world. YouTube stars are making money in the comfort of their own homes. Instagram users are also marketing brands and services on their profiles.

But with this generation thinking about foregoing a career as a lawyer or as a doctor, the obsession could continue to grow at the rate social media is going.

Here's a TED Talk that talks more about millennials and who they are:

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