Ken Jeong, J.Cole And More Celebities Side Hustle To Succeed In Creative Life


When browsing through the news and seeing names of celebrities, industry authorities or artists, people may think that they achieved their success through a one-track career in mind. However, according to recent reports, a lot of people, even millennials, do not stick to one job in mind.

People now-a-days work second jobs, often to pay the bills or just earn extra income. But a lot of them have different reasons for taking on a second job. And there is a difference between taking on another gig for some cash on the side or working a second job to finance a person's dreams. This is called the side hustle.

Even celebrities side hustle. Ken Jeong, for example, side hustles. Known for his role in "The Hangover" trilogy, this comedic actor also worked double time. He is a licensed doctor and received his education from Duke and North Carolina University. But even though he spent most of his years becoming a doctor, he makes sure has some time spared for his second dream. And that is to be an actor or comedian, as reported by Elite Daily. He recalls working ninety hour weeks but he still makes time to go to a comedy bar. Eventually he pursued acting full time.

Daymond John from "Shark Tank" worked on his clothing brand FUBU while working at Red Lobster. Even rapper J.Cole lived a creative life. At a young age, he already worked as a bill collector to keep money flowing. Even after he landed a contract with Jay Z, he still hustles on the side.

Even millennials side hustle. With their big dreams, a lot from this generation continue to seek out multiple options. One such person is Sara Charles. She opened an Etsy shop, SimkaSol, in 2009. She did that while studying graphic design. She used her education from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design to fuel her side hustle, as reported by Business Insider.

Watch Ken Jeong in the Vanity Fair clip below as he puts his real life doctor skills to work:

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