College Costs: How To Save For Those Other College Expenses


With the constantly increasing tuition rates, the cost of attending college might be way more than what most parents and students have anticipated when they were beginning to save and prepare for a higher education. The reality is that tuition fees are just the tip of the iceberg because there are just so many expenses that come along with being a college student.

While the increasing college cost is becoming unstoppable year after year, there are ways to cut them and be able to save big. Know what these hidden costs are and learn how to save and budget with these simple tips.


Most colleges and universities charge students for parking passes, especially for the parking spaces that are closer to the classrooms and buildings, according to Lifehacker. If you are driving a car then you should know by now how expensive parking passes are but depending on your location or where you live, you might also want to skip the pass on some days and go for public transportation.

School supplies

Your textbooks, school supplies and other school requirements are definitely not included in your tuition so you must allot a separate budget for these. Textbooks, most especially, are getting more and more costly but it may depend on the course of study. You can buy these supplies online because they are much cheaper compared to your campus bookstore, and for textbooks, you can buy them used, according to Student Loan Hero.

Social activities

You cannot be in college without having fun and socializing, because these things are natural and you need these things too; but going out with your friends also cost money. If you can, choose activities and places where you will not have to spend a lot.


There will be days and occasions where you will have to go back home to see your family and this means you have to spend for the cost, especially when you are studying really far away from home. Even if your parents will be the ones to visit you, hotel and car rental costs will have to considered in budgeting.

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