Why College Is About More Than Just Getting Good Grades


In high school, you must have been led to believe that grades are everything as soon as you step in to college, which is why you try to make sure that everything is perfect before you get into that dream school. While it is not bad at all to be giving high value to your grades and look forward to making even more good grades in college, you have to know that there is so much more to that. College is an experience; it is a life-changing experience that you must embrace.

Your college grades may be an indicator if you did well or not but this is not the only measure of your success. According to Campus News, a lot of college students are not emotionally prepared or equipped, thus the increasing rates of drop outs. Although some may just be reducing their course loads, some are just really taking lower grades that they are capable of and that makes earning a degree more difficult.

It is never wrong to invest time for studying well and aiming for excellent grades but burying too much of your head in books will only make you miss the world that is going on around you. Emotionally, you will only feel down and depressed and this is a dangerous thing, because students who are less emotionally prepared are those who are even getting worse grades. Balance is the key.

You also have to remember that your grades are not the only things that your employers care about, according to CollegeXpress. They simply want people who can relate to other people, work well together and those who can think outside of the box. Landing a great job is not just about your GPA after all. These four years in college life are meant to improve yourself as a person not just mentally but also socially and emotionally.

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