Stephen Curry’s Varsity Days At Davidson College Relived, School Honors Basketball Athlete


Stephen Curry, the two-time NBA Most Valuable Player recalls his basketball days during his high school and college years. While the basketball athlete says he does not have a lot of regrets in life, he confesses that he wishes he had tried out for the freshman varsity team rather than playing junior varsity, first.

At the time, Stephen Curry was a scrawny kid, and only a 5 foot 7 inch player, weighing 130 pounds, as reported by the NBA. Although he did not join the freshman varsity team, he developed well and played for three years at Davidson College and later on joined the Golden State Warriors.

That was his only regret. But Curry says he learned a lot from the experience. He advises everyone to just go for it and challenge your own self, as reported by The Charlotte Observer.

During his visit at Charlotte, his alma mater honored him by naming the Davidson's John M. Belk Area after him. The new area will be called "Section 30" after Curry's number when he lead the Wildcats to the Elite 8. Curry left Davidson after his junior year when the NBA drafts took him. He is already a celebrity in his own right. Even his high school coach, Shonn Brown, says that he never imagined Stephen Curry to turn out the way he is. But he confesses that his basketball IQ stood out in high school.

Like Curry says, he does not have a lot of regrets. His dream of playing in the NBA league was realized and he is thankful. His visit to both his college and high school did jumpstart some memories. Curry says they are a part of his DNA in Charlotte both on and off the court.

Watch Stephen Curry in action at the Davidson game while he is in his hometown:

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