Elon Musk 2017: Digging Tunnels Is Really Boring After All


The year 2017 started out "boring" for the SpaceX and Tesla founder. And by boring, he means that his third transportation venture will mean digging tunnels. But is he actually going to do it? After Tweeting out that the traffic is no longer bearable, he quickly went to social media and air out his frustrations. But instead of ranting, he provided a solution to the problem. The traffic was basically driving him nuts. And he decided that he may just start a new company and dig up dirt.

What started out as a simple Tweet is slowly becoming a reality, as reported by Inverse. A year ago, Elon Musk wanted to solve the traffic congestion. The world waited after he Tweeted the idea out. And to back up his statement, he followed up with a post indicating that he is actually going to pursue this project. Then no word from him about the topic ever since. Until recently, he shared that his "boring" project is making progress and he foresees the start of digging in a month or so.

His followers see the sense in this because going underground and making tunnels could just be the answer. Musk explains that tunnels are great. This is what he told the students at the Hyperloop Design competition last year. Tunnels can alleviate congestion and he even imagines thirty layers of tunnels. Tunnels can overlap each other and provide access to different locations.

The tech mogul even has a slogan ready: "Boring, it is what we do," as reported by the Australian Financial ReviewWhen asked where his tunnel will be, Elon Musk says that it is going to start at SpaceX, Crenshaw and the 105 Freeway - 5 minutes from LAX.

Elon Musk has not shared the logistics involved in this "boring" venture. According to reports, it is entirely possible but the logistics alone are going to cause a ton of headaches.

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